Web Design

The web is our thread.  We weave a pattern of our lives within…

Having a website is as common as a good pair of socks.  They keep you warm, hold out, look good and soften the road ahead.  

Having a website is now as simple as purchasing a quality pair of shoes.

But, designing a websites is a creative process which can become a dance to catch the attention of all who might observe and become enthralled by it's contents.

Shaman's Circle

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"I don't just design websites, I seek to assist you in walking the road that will gain you the presence you seek in the vast ocean that lay beyond any person's window into the world of the wide web."

I pride myself in working closely with SME's and individuals to garner a website which reflects well upon them, allows simple and clear access by their clients or friends, and allows them to manage that space as easily as they might navigate a basic funtion on their computer.

Please explore some completed works (site links below):

These sites can be viewed live at:

LoveIsAChoice.com (Flash based animation site)

ShamansCircle.com (Site built with full community forum – Facebook like integration)

VeilOfInnocence.com (under construction)

PeterChristie.com (SME site)

SusannasCatering.com (modified slightly since I orignally designed it several years ago)