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Radmacdaddy [rad-mak-dad-ee]

  • rad [radnoun 1. Informalradical. adjective 2. Slang. fine; wonderful. Origin: by shortening of Radhanatha

  • mac [mak] noun computer Originby shortening of mackintosh 

  • dad·dy [dad-ee]  noun, plural dad·dies, verb, dad·died, dad·dy·ing. noun 1. a diminutive of dad 2. Slang. sugar daddyverb (used with object) 3. Chiefly Appalachian. to father or sire. Origin:  1490–1500; dad1  + -y2

What is Radmacdaddy?

The present iteration of Radmacdaddy Productions is a design firm (most aligned with my upbringing as an artist) with small dabblings in tech support (our founding biz venture).  As a sculptor I have worked in canvas, steel, hot, warm & cold glass, wood, and computers.  My design sense comes from a variation on all of these elements and my own sense of style.  But, as I write this Radmacdaddy is rethinking itself to be much more than computers as it headlines a more hands on approach in yurt building, living design, and creative toys and play space creation over at dreamyurts.com.



How it came to be

Radmacdaddy Productions, or RMD Pro, was established in 2008 after working with a tech support firm called "Nerds On Site" (NOS).  Initially I worked with eighty or so clients I had established while working behind the NOS veil.  I learned the trade of supporting users of both Mac and PC (Windows) as well as basic Linus use.  After a good year of passing 40%+ of my earnings to the NOS mothership, I decided to take join a mutiny of sorts and work with my esteemed collegue and friend John Pollock, a mentor for NOS affiliats in the New England region of the united States.  He and I began working with anther firm Nerds To Go, but quickly realized we were better off on our own.  Since then, there has been no looking back.

Please contact me for more information, Here , or call +44(0)7548576068

Randy Repass Jr.