Computer Support

Computers are amazing tools… but can be one of the most frustrating experiences in one’s life.

Unless… you pass that frustration on!

I began supporting users in IT around 2000, but made a serious move in that direction in 2006 under the umbrella of a global support team, Nerds on Site.  Sounds funny, even lude, but in fact it was a well oiled tech machine with some serious eye catching success.  I quickly grew (within a year) to support 80+ individuals and small businesses in the Northern Vermont region of the US.

In 2007 RMD Pro, or Radmacdaddy Productions was born when I set off on my own terms, continuing to support the clientele I had built in a little over a year with NOS.  RMD Pro was aimed to be a name that remained slightly obscure, as quietly I was growing my design side of the tech business as I continued and still continue, to support many users of both Windows and Apple computer systems.

For five years during this time I worked closely with the Apple computer and took on the role of Lamoille Counties (home to the largest region of Mac users in N. Vt) Mac Guru.  During the later part of this time I headed up the local Mac User group and helped over 60 Windows users switch to the Apple operating system or OS.  My focus on small business support grew but I continued to avidly support individuals, something few Mac specialist seem to be interested in.

Although the primary place for Radmacdaddy Productions in the past two years has been in building websites and graphic design, I continue to be to go to for many users of technology when they hit a bump in the road.

If you are in need of support, please contact me via email or text and I will do my utmost to support you as quickly as possible.  I am also available for longer term support or general “hand holding” as many of my clients referred to my easy access and friendly style.

Email me via the contact form here (it goes right to my personal email) or text me at +44(0)7548576068, I’ll call you back.